My Name is Gauhar Jaan! -
The Life and Times of a Musician


Release in Bangalore - 12th April 2010

The International Music and Arts Society hosted the Bangalore launch of My name is Gauhar Jaan! - The Life and Times of a Musician on 12th April 2010 at the Alliance de Francaise. Legendary Hindustani vocalist Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj graced the occasion to launch the book and bless author Vikram Sampath’s efforts.

Mrs. Ila Chandrasekhar, the President of the International Music and Arts Society welcomed the large gathering of musicians and music aficionados who had gathered at the launch and commended the research work of Vikram in bringing back to life a long forgotten artist.

Speaking about the book, Pandit Jasraj said “It is so interesting that I feel that any music lover who gets his or her hands on the book will read it through in one sitting.” He in fact joked that “After having seen Vikram’s work I feel that now artists will have no need to worry, because enthusiastic music lovers and researchers like him will revive the legendary musicians and their era by presenting them to the world from time to time for the benefit of mankind just as he has done in the case of Gauhar Jaan.”

Pt. Jasraj reminisced that many thumris composed by Gauhar Jaan like Kaise Yeh Dhoom Machayi Arrey Kanhaiya Re as well as thumris sung by her like Jiyaa Mein Laagi Aaan Baan, are still sung today by many across India. However, in most cases the singers aren’t even aware that they are singing her compositions, but now with Vikram’s efforts the world will recognize the thumris written by Gauhar Jaan once more.

Mr. K. Jairaj, Principal Secretary, Dept of Energy, Govt of Karnataka and Smt. Arundhati Nag, eminent theatre personality, were the guests of honour for the evening. Mr Jairaj had read the book cover to cover and gave the audience tantalizing tidbits of information from the book. Smt Nag wished more youngsters of today found a passion to live for, outside their profession, much like the author of the book.

Theatre personalities Ashish Sen and Munira Sen read out selected passages from the book, which was interspersed with clippings of Gauhar’s original soundtracks ripped from 78 rpm’s.



My Name is Gauhar Jaan!

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