Splendours of Royal Mysore -
The Untold Story of the Wodeyars


Book release in Delhi - 11th August 2008

The Oxford bookstore at the heart of Delhi in Connaught Place hosted the release of Vikram Sampath's ‘Splendours of Royal Mysore’. The chief guest for the evening was scholar and former Karnataka Governor Shri T. N. Chaturvedi. The evening commenced with a rendition of the Maharaja Jayachamaraja Wodeyar’s first composition, 'Sri Mahaganapathim' in Raga Athana, by the author himself. Speaking at length about the merits of the book, Shri Chaturvedi praised the efforts of the young author to document a very valuable period of Indian history - an effort seldom done in recent times. He recounted his own experiences in Karnataka and Mysore as the Governor of the State. He thereafter went on to a section-by-section analysis of the book and said objectivity and impartiality in portrayal were the hallmarks of the book in his view.

Speaking on the occasion, Sanjana Roy Choudhury of the publishers Rupa & Co commended the book and the efforts of the author. Shri Kapish Mehra of Rupa & Co, members of the Mysore royal family based in Delhi, many eminent artists and authors attended this enjoyable event.



Splendours of Royal Mysore


Splendours of Royal Mysore nominated for Vodafone Crossword Book Award 2008.

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