Splendours of Royal Mysore -
The Untold Story of the Wodeyars


Book release in Mumbai - 24th October 2008

Mumbai was the final stop of the multi-city launch of Vikram Sampath's book Splendours of Royal Mysore - The Untold Story of the Wodeyars. The event took place at the Crossword bookstore in the busy Mahalakshmi area. The book was launched by the former Supreme Court Judge and Chief Justice of Mumbai High Court, Justice B. N. Srikrishna.

Himself a Kannadiga, Justice Srikrishna said he was thrilled to be a part of the event that celebrated the history of the state he hails from and had fond memories of childhood in the erstwhile Mysore State. Notable among these was the large laddoos that all children would receive during every birthday celebration of the Maharaja!

The other eminent guest of honour was Dr. Ruby Maloni, historian and head of department of History in the Mumbai University. She commended Vikram's painstaking research and brought to light the perils of historical research and documentation even while maintaining objectivity.

Speaking on the occasion, Vikram outlined the specific challenges he faced in documenting the history of Mysore in the face of paucity of information, as also contradictory and controversial content. Noted theatre and film personality Denzil Smith made a lively reading of two interesting passages from the book. An interesting Q&A session from an enthusiastic audience wound up the brief, but interesting event.



Splendours of Royal Mysore


Splendours of Royal Mysore nominated for Vodafone Crossword Book Award 2008.

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